White Label STB

Southern Cloud can create bespoke Set-top boxes enabling you to market your own Over-The-Top platform through the traditional TV set. This service will include an EPG service that could be extended with a "backwards" EPG linking Catch up content to the programmes, providing that you have the rights for this. Of course, apart from traditional linear TV line up services, (S)VOD and PPV services can also be made available on the same Set-top box.

EPG Services

Bespoke EPGs can be part of this service and can have additional extras such as "reverse EPG" functionality, allowing consumers to select programmes they have missed. This will also open up additional subscription opportunities for missed series and recommendations of other VOD or PPV content.

Subscription Management System

All SMS services are included in the service. This includes billing, payment collection, reporting and the provision of analytics.

VOD/PPV services

The website can make use of additional revenue drivers such as subscription VOD and PPV services. If you don’t have these rights available, we can help you source content partners who will be able to plug their services into yours on a revenue share basis.

For more information on the above, please contact us.