Connected TV

Southern Cloud can create a "Connected/Smart TV" presence for you, so you are not limited to the traditional linear channel delivery (DVB-S/T/C), and still available in the living room. Whether you’re looking to offer single or multiple channels, or a complete new platform, Southern Cloud can build you a complete solution for any Connected/Smart TVs.

White Label Android STB

Southern Cloud can supply proprietary Over-The-Top Set-top boxes that will offer a line up of linear channels through a traditional EPG. Network PVR functionality can be offered with recordings being stored in the cloud or at the data centre.

EPG Services

Bespoke EPG can be part of this service and can have additional extras such as ‘reverse EPG’ functionality, allowing consumers to select programmes they have missed. This will also open up additional subscription opportunities for missed series and recommendations of other VOD or PPV content.

VOD/PPV services

Any of the multiple platforms we build can make use of additional revenue drivers such as subscription VOD and PPV services. If you don’t have these rights available, we can help you source content partners who will be able to plug their services into yours on a revenue share basis.


The quickest, easiest and most cost-effective solution for delivery of your channel(s) or content. We will deliver worldwide via our global CDN partners almost instantaneously.
We also offer additional services for gathering the content from a satellite, playout centre, headend or pop location, from which we will feed it into our datacentre to be delivered to the device(s).

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