Game Consoles

Over the last few years, video games consoles have become more and more main stream. They have managed to capture an audience and are suited to many different demographics. Families especially will play together, but more and more gamers will use their console to watch video content. It was therefore a natural extension for the likes of Netflix and Lovefilm to try and offer their services through consoles and they have been very successful. For example, well over 200 million Xbox360s, PS3s and Wiis have been sold worldwide. Gamers are typically early adopters and open to try new services delivered in alternative ways. Southern Cloud is able to create content and channel packages and offer these on these video games consoles.

VOD/PPV services

Presence on consoles can also feature and push additional revenue streams such as subscription VOD and PPV services. If you don’t have these rights available, we can help you source content partners who will be able to plug their services into yours.

Subscription Management System

All SMS services are included in the service. This includes billing, payment collection, reporting and the provision of analytics.


The quickest, easiest and most cost-effective solution for delivery of your channel(s) or content. We will deliver worldwide via our global CDN partners almost instantaneously.
We also offer additional services for gathering the content from a satellite, playout centre, headend or pop location, from which we will feed it into our datacentre to be delivered to the device(s).

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