Open and transparent pricing

Southern Cloud’s pricing policy is very clear. We will only ever charge you a maximum of three fees that cover all services, none of which are dependent on subscribers or usage.

  • The first is for the creation of the bespoke platform or App. This is a one-off cost and typically done well below cost.

  • The second would be a monthly charge and includes but is not limited to media management services, subscription management services (SMS), billing, payment collection, reporting and analytics, global delivery, content storage and security. In a nutshell, everything that is required to take your feed and deliver it to the end user. Unlike many of our competitors, there are no additional charges for how much the end-user abuse the services, no matter how long they may watch your content. In short, there is no cap on how much viewing is done, or how many channels your platform has.

  • The third (monthly) fee is for the receipt of your content and is only applicable if we have to downlink or receive satellite feeds from our head-end. This charge will also include, the correct preparation of the video feeds, such as transcoding, transrating or any encryption that needs to be added. We do not charge any additional fees if your content is supplied to us via direct video feeds into our data centre in the correct format.

For more information on the above, please contact us.