One source, multiple additional revenue streams

Southern Cloud enables broadcasters and content owners to tap into new revenue streams that were previously unavailable, or deemed to be too expensive to implement. This process can be done with little or no additional resources required from the client end. For example, a satellite broadcaster could contract with us to deliver its feed(s) to emerging platforms and mobile devices without the huge upfront costs associated with this. We would turn that into paying subscribers that would typically fall outside of the main business area and/or territory. Of course, this is just one example. Also content library owners would be able to turn their programming rights into revenue.

VOD/PPV services

The website can make use of additional revenue drivers such as subscription VOD and PPV services. If you don’t have these rights available, we can help you source content partners who will be able to plug their services into yours on a revenue share basis.

Additional advertising Revenue

Southern Cloud works with specialist advertising partners such as YuMe ( to drive additional revenue.
We enable this experienced multi screen video advertising solutions with access to hundreds of advertisers, agencies, trading desks and ad networks running top brand campaigns. There will ‘real time bidding’ between agencies, but also on each spot sold, ensuring that revenue is optimised.

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